International Conference on

Segregation &

London,  25 November 2018

  • Join notable secularists and veteran women's rights campaigners for a conference on Sharia, Segregation and Secularism at a spectacular venue in central London on Sunday 25 November 2018.

    The conference will raise key issues surrounding religious arbitration, the veil and gender segregation at schools and universities, including as part of the religious-Right's assault on women's rights. It will also highlight the voices of people on the frontlines of resistance, the gains made by secularists both in the UK and internationally, and the importance of secularism as a minimum precondition for equality. Challenges that secularists continue to face and priorities for continued collective action will also be addressed.

    The conference will mark the tenth anniversary of the One Law for All Campaign for equality irrespective of background, beliefs and religions.

  • Confirmed Speakers (Biographies):

    Afsana Lachaux, Women's Rights Activist
    Ahlam Akram, Founder of Basira
    Annie Laurie-Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
    Anna Zobnina, Strategy and Policy Coordinator at the European Network of Migrant Women
    Beatrix Campbell, Writer, Journalist, Broadcaster and Playwright
    Bonya Ahmed, Activist, Writer, Blogger at Mukto-Mona
    Caroline Criado Perez, Writer, Campaigner and Consultant
    Cinzia Sciuto, Journalist
    Diana Nammi, Founder and Executive Director of Iranian Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation
    Eve Sacks, Trustee of Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance UK
    Fariborz Pooya, Bread and Roses TV Producer
    Gina Khan, One Law for All Spokesperson
    Gita Sahgal, Founder and Director of Centre for Secular Space
    Homa Arjomand, International Coordinator for One Secular School System
    Houzan Mahmoud, Co-founder of Culture Project
    Ibtissame Betty Lachgar, Feminist, Human Rights Activist
    Inna Shevchenko, FEMEN Leader
    Ismail Mohamed, Founder of Black Ducks TV Show
    Julia Alimova, Co-Coordinator, Eve’s Ribs
    LCP Dance Theatre
    Maryam Namazie, Co-Spokesperson for One Law for All, the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain and Fitnah
    Nadia El Fani, Tunisian film-maker
    Nasreen Rehman, Women's Rights Campaigner
    Nina Sankari, Polish Feminist and Secularist
    Peter Tatchell, Human Rights Campaigner
    Pragna Patel, Founder and Director of the Southall Black Sisters
    Rahila Gupta, Writer and Journalist
    Rumana Hashem, Women's Rights Activist
    Sadia Hameed, Spokesperson of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
    Sadikur Rahman, Solicitor and National Secular Society Council Member
    Shelley Segal, Singer and Songwriter
    Stasa Zajovic, Co-Founder of Women in Black Belgrade
    Victoria Gugenheim, Award-winning Body Artist

    Tickets can be purchased here. Conference venue will be given to ticket holders closer to the date of the event. Please note that tickets cannot be bought at the door and must be purchased prior to the event.

    Conference sponsors include: Bread and Roses TV; Center for Inquiry; Centre for Secular Space; Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain; Culture Project; European Network of Migrant Women; Equal Rights Now; Fitnah; Freedom from Religion Foundation; National Secular Society; One Law for All; Southall Black Sisters; and Secularism is a Women’s Issue.

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