Agenda 2018

Conference Schedule and Videos

Sunday November 25th 2018

Welcome Address: Maryam Namazie, Secularism is a Human Right

Opening Keynote Address: Gita Sahgal, Precious Heritage - Using Universality to Fight Colonial and Fundamentalist Laws

Keynote Address: Asia Bibi Lawyer Saif Ul Malook, Asia Bibi's Fight for Justice

Resolution: In Support of Asia Bibi


Islam's Non-Believers Film Screening

3 Second Divorce by Director Shazia Javed

Screening - for the first time in the UK - a new film exploring the impact of instant triple-talaq on Indian Muslim women through intimate stories of women who have been victimized by it. It also provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the struggle of Muslim women activists in India who are tirelessly fighting to get a legal ban on this practice.

11:40 Islam's Non-Believers Plenary Panel Sharia, religious arbitration and family law Chair: Gita Sahgal Afsana Lachaux, Diana Nammi, Houzan Mahmoud, Nasreen Rehman, Yasmin Rehman

13:00 Buffet Lunch 14:00 Plenary Panel The Politics of Collusion Chair: Peter Tatchell Bonya Ahmed, Marieme Helie Lucas, Pragna Patel, Rumana Hashem, Sadia Hameed, Stasa Zajovic

15:20 Performance and Public Action In support of movement against compulsory veiling in Iran

#WhiteWednesdays performance by Atoosa Faramand

Public Action led by Victoria Gugenheim

15:50 Break with Refreshments 16:20 Religious in the Law & State Plenary Panel Gender Segregation, the Veil and Women's Bodily Autonomy Chair: Yasmin Rehman Ahlam Akram, Eve Sacks, Homa Arjomand, Inna Shevchenko, Julia Alimova, Nina Sankari

17:40 Secularism as human right Plenary Panel Secularism as a defence of women's and minority rights Chair: Beatrix Campbell Anna Zobnina, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Cinzia Sciuto, Ibtissame Betty Lachgar, Nadia El Fani, Rahila Gupta

19:00 2018 One Law for All Awards

Keynote Closing Address: Pragna Patel, Facing many Directions in the Struggle for Secular Democracy

Maryam Namazie and Gita Sahgal, Manifesto for Women and Secularism

New Song by Shelley Segal: Our Resistance

19:30-21:00 Secularism as human right Cocktails and Entertainment MC Fariborz Pooya and Nahla Mahmoud Artwork by Mahshad Afshar Solo Exhibition: Cursed Seal

LCP Dance Theatre Singer and Songwriter Shelley Segal and Dan Barker

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